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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A friend's son-in-law

The forester knows the seasons of his work. Planting and pruning, then the burning of the leaves and dead branches.

Blow fiercely on that fire. No smoldering smoke here!
Hot and bright, the way is cleared for the dancing to follow.

to a Friend's Mother

Fierce soldier, who held your team together under screaming attack. All that old power tapped again as you, in this body, near the gates of the Divine.

"Follow me, this is the only safe way," you insist. One last mission to complete.

Tear off that tattered old uniform, dear friend. Like a naked child you will go to the Loving One. And, as that child already knows, all dance under the Forgiver's blessing, whatever their path.

for Susan

Once you walked the old battlefields, bending with despair and grief.
A guardian tree, you shaded those graves, sheltering songbirds that greeted each new day with hope.

This life: blessing those souls on their return.
Shading and nurturing the tender sprouts as they turn to the sun once again.