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A former techie and now a "deep-seeing mystic" and student of western Sufism. Moving more into spiritual service -- as an energy healer, teacher, Elder.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Spice-Seller

The people crowd the spice-sellers booth.

"Oh, I can feel the smile of the Beloved in every breath,"
A happy customer exclaims to his neighbors.

Little does he know that the true "barakah" flows
From the heart of that gentle shopkeeper.

For the Traveler --

The clouds have parted.
The great sun, once hidden,
Reaches down to touch the pilgrim.

"Your heart, on fire,
Reflects my love.
It burns strong,
Even in the darkest night."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heavy Coat

The traveler, weighted down by her heavy coat,
hears the coins falling through her thread-worn pockets.
The path seems steep.
And those coins must be rolling away behind her.

She hears the gentle laughing of the Dervish:
"These are not your valuables. In your heart, a true treasury sits.
Each seed is a flower warmed by the breath of the Beloved.
These are the currency of true healing."