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A former techie and now a "deep-seeing mystic" and student of western Sufism. Moving more into spiritual service -- as an energy healer, teacher, Elder.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Painter and the Dervish

Oh dervish, we hear the call of your drum!
"Hurry to the tavern, the Beloved is near."

Smiling, the painter knows that song.
But her wild abandon takes place in the pulse of her veins.

Hands steady, she mixes the paints that will form her prayer.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moon Pond Healing

Guiding your canoe through the lillies on this moon-filled night.
No struggle against the roots of these flowers.

Each pedal and each fragrance, a reminder of the love you've shared.
Let that love fill the cells of your being.
Outshining even the healing moon above.

Dye Pots

The dyer lifts the skeins from the simmering vats.
Colors so deep that the sun pours out an extra gift of radiance in appreciation!

Your fingers know from fires tended long ago.
To stirs these coals, making art.
Fiber by fiber, touch by touch.