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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Tree is Gone

A tree stood as guardian at the river's edge, a landmark on the less-traveled path, waiting for the pilgrims needing her protective shade.

Today, that tree is gone. Its roots are the stars, its leaves the meteors and comets of the bright summer-night sky.

The river continues to flow. The pilgrims safe under this new evening light.

Bettina Madini, River of Life

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Many Temples

So many astral temples you've built! They pulse, crowed with angelic song.

Each design holds your imprint, waiting for manifestation.

This time we are ready. The children have been painting those walls, preparing them for the crowds to come.

Mirage-like, they dip into this world as we spin in devotion.

Bettina Madini, Portal to the Temple of Light

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Vagabond

Invite the one who holds the soul-fire to sit at your side.

Your blessing brings the vagabond to his true nature.

Holding the torn fabric as it is made whole by your deep listening.

Bettina Madini, Angel of Abundance

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dharma Walker

Today I read they activated the Haldron Collider. Sending protons racing to become elemental fireballs. Hoping to illuminate the "dark matter" -- the gravitas of physical being.

You, dear friend, tap another fireball. Your path, step after considered step, illuminates a different darkness.

Calling us to the true fire at the edge of each breath.

Bettina Madini, Key to Heaven

Fall Into Your Thirst

You thirst and burn, sitting at the well, watching others drink.

But it is not the water that others seek, it is the heat of your heart that is attracting them.

Fall into your own thirst until it become all: the well, the people, the Earth itself in your every breath: in as water, out as fire.

Bettina Madini, Purple Waters

This Poem and Art is available as a Friendship Card.

The Seed Knows

Pushing. The seed knows before it can articulate.

First the pod itself is torn, root tendrils seeking to the core.
Then the hungry shoot spiraling to the Light.

So many futures embodied in this restless stirring.
Nourish yourself, your vision will nourish so many others.

Helen Klebesadel, "Native Roots"

Gifts Fall from Your Pockets

Look dear friend! The flowers brighten as you walk by.

And the stars smile even behind the winter clouds.

Hide your gifts no longer. They fall from your pockets at every turn.

Bettina Madini, Summer's Promise

This Poem and Art is available as a Friendship Card.

Pieces Fall Away

Hands shaping the wet clay.
Pressing palms, searching fingers.
Rushed to the kiln before its time, so many pieces fall away, finding their place in the discard tray.

Dear friend, we trust your knowing.
Guide us to the jagged pieces,
That assembled, will form the Sema floor.

Helen Klebesadel, "Morels II"

Sweet Fruits

So many sweet fruits you’ve carried to the village press. Never taking one for your self.

Know that your sweetness precipitates from every bone and sinew. It recreates itself in every breath – overflowing all containment – a gift from the Source who patiently waits.

Helen Klebesadel, "Where Are the Bees-I"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The fledgling

The Sema floor squeaks of powder, and the white robes of human sweat. Like the fledgling whose gray feathers can’t quite lift its fuzzy cargo, the spin wobbles.

But that heart, broken, embraces it all. Seeing the Divine in this old practice studio. The turning becomes centered. The bird, so colorful, embraces the sun.

Helen Klebesadel, "Cedar Dance I"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wedding Blessing #4

Friends: Throw away the feathers and the pipe, the sacred drums and the walking stick; the costumes gathered over the eons.

In your partner lies the true Axis Mundi.

Wedding Blessing #3

So many lie asleep.

As you together gently walk this crowded path,
let the scent of your love awaken those dreaming
of what they were called here to become.

"Ants Love Peonies" by Helen Klebesadel
Original Watercolor Painting
22" x 30

Link to artist's website, click here

Wedding Blessing #2

Cast off the armor, drop that rusty sword.

Deep within lies the true core,
nourished at its roots by your remembered vows.

Bettina Madini,
Sacred Flower of Love

Wddding Blessing #1

Brick upon brick, you’ve built the foundation:
Each stone a forgiving, a release, a disciplined choice.

No more heavy lifting! This house is set down from above.
The angels laughing together as the “container is sealed."