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A former techie and now a "deep-seeing mystic" and student of western Sufism. Moving more into spiritual service -- as an energy healer, teacher, Elder.

Friday, December 12, 2008

for Pam

Wrapped tight against the cold
You push forward.

A fire burns inside.
Each silent blessing ignites another.

Soon all will dance,
Remembering the steps you taught us so long ago.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

for Tom

Tired and stretched past your reserve, you come finally to the sought for King's pond.
Dark, but not in the off-told way; this darkness is the color of waiting. Still.

The sword falls. You are the stillness waiting. Empty.

The vessel.
And now the blessing.
Growing only in forgiveness in every breath.

"All paths lead to Allah" the dervish winks, and tosses the book into the well.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

to Deborah

Stepping into the sacred wooded circle, stillness to the quantum planes greets the visitor.

You, our guide, show us by your deep-eyed glance where the healing tinctures have matured in the long sun and shadow cycle.

Steeped a lifetime, now they are ready.

A touch to the aura in this place of brown and green and gold, opens the memory to the ruby scent and blossom of the heart.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

for Theresa

You are weaving new colors into the collective consciousness.

The children, whose eyes know these things, smile among themselves. "This," they say silently, "reminds us of back before when."

They laugh, and fall to this so physical, ground. Safe, knowing that you hold the vision.

Monday, November 3, 2008

for Joel

Gentle rain on parched inner leaves.
Pushed down somewhat by the weight of the gift, there is at first, some resistance.

The roots however sigh, "embrace this."

We turn fully to the flow,
Nourished beyond our dreaming.

Stillness in the forest.
Strong light defines the clearing.
Here the gathering has been called.
Now, its your turn to lead the old dance once again.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

for Kenneth

Burning eyes. All experience condensed in your gaze.

Able to shape worlds, you are content to teach us to see.

Able to walk in higher planes, you've chosen to return to this dense core.
Holding the bottom of "the pile", your passion warms the earth.
And your vision opens so many doors.

From this place, draw its support at the frequencies we can offer.
You already know the true light.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For Lonny

Spiraling down with so many plans...
Whack! The angel clips you good and hard!

So many paths to the treasure.
How many can you still remember?

Dizzy, you fall -- as you once fell.
The flower petal knows.

Deeply inhaling, the fire sparkles behind your eyes.
Refreshing each expression of the Divine at every step.

To Cousin Jack

Quiet blessing-giver, Gentle light.
You've touched so many.

Now your work is to receive...
Turn, and turn once more.
Let each soul's pleasure in your companionship shine through our gaze.

Hear the murmur of of old prayers repeated in your cells and blood,
Now just a little louder.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

for Roberto on his 61st

So many trips up the river.
Delivering the unseen gold with all those vegetables!

Now, the boat is a wreck, but the gold shimmers as a fine new road.
Let the old current be at your back.
Your feet supported wherever you stride!

to Mirra

Angelic seamstress, you follow the filaments of the auric web, gently alighting where you can.

Circles of healing -- layer upon layer, you visualize into Creation!

Now it is time to step into the fire.

Only the surface will burn, revealing the amethyst at the core -- the seed ready again for the earth plane.

for Kevin

Songbirds return to the forest.

They are drawn to make new nests in the embracing branches of the once-thin oak.

Now firmly rooted, it draws protection up its trunk to meet the song of the calling Sun.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

to Graham

Strong hand on the tiller.

You turn us into the wind, as the next adventure begins.

I step into the future at peace.

Knowing that you are as near as my daughter's heart.


Gentle guide. I know how many doors you have opened.

So many more of us are behind you, waiting your clear gift of intention to show the way.

Oh friend, take another step and another, sharing the deep gold of your heart.

to Dan

Armour cracked, sword broken, you stepped out of the movie and headed for the projection booth.

Had a few laughs, adjusted the lamps, and rode the light back to a different ending.

I enjoy the pull of your comet path, brother teacher and friend,

Returning from the outlying dark, trailing sparkles of light.

to Jean

Gentle drum, moving others forward through the resonance of your lightbody.

Dig in your toes, open the door wide, now is the time to radiate the enormity of your understanding.

Aligned now with the Hu -- your breath is ours, and we are dancers together.

An octave higher than last time we met.

for Don

So gently, not a blade of grass is disturbed, you have extended your roots deep into the Earth.

I hear the rushing storm approach and turn to you for safety.

Pressing against your bark, I'm taken to the leaf-tips splattered by every raindrop, spun into dance by every blast of wind.

Stability, you whisper, is not in standing still, but is in loving play between rootedness and expansion, the Earth Star and the Light.

for Gabrielle

Renting your garments, you bare your heart before the Madonna, the Goddess, the Icon. Stopping at teach temple entry, you ask "is this the face of the Mother? I do not dare to enter her temple with such dirty feet."

Turning back, you dance your desire and your questioning, not seeing that at each portal you were like the bee, your robes coated with her multiple essence. Your dance, scattering her presence like rich pollen, dusting all around you with her golden fertile seeds. The dirt at your feet bursting a bed of fine grasses behind your every step.

Now your eyes are open, your robes are washed and mended. Your feet in dancing slippers. The pollen is in your hands -- the mothers are smiling, an the earth awaits your touch.

for Zeyad

So long the path! Dipping in and out. Each time holding more wisdom, more compassion.

At this place of oh-so-stretched understanding and returning memory, the rushing urge to drop all and run also sweeps in like a desert storm!

Steady yourself, old friend. You're ready to bend down, ready to lift with all your might.

Yet lo, this time, watch as your magic floats to meet your embrace!

for Ric

You ride the divine ray of compassion, not yet fully trusting that it, not your effort or your heart's seeking, is what has always carried you forward!

It is indeed true that this world is too small to hold your flood of healing intention.

But don't retreat dear friend, ask the in-rushing tide to lift us high enough to meet your clear gaze!

Monday, October 20, 2008

For Laura

Sharp, the gemstone tears at the flesh of those who try to grab its luster.

You hold it gently, knowing. Waiting.

Ah ha! Your heart remembers the transforming verses. Each breath holds just a fragment.

The air itself parts slightly: the fullness returns.

for Carole

The rushing water has quieted. Once rising, today it is still and mirror-like. Birds sit in the trees, diving down to drink and splash.

They call you. "Now is the time to spin and turn, moving the water in its ancient healing circles.

Step forward, the ground is firm, the water dark and strong."

for Cynthia S

Running and falling, you pick yourself up once again.
The mountain is your goal. Much has been overcome.

Can you find this place?

Stopping, you become the goal.

Each breath, an invitation.

Stand near me. I will empower. I will show the way in my Being.

To Leslee on her 60th

The world spins in its unfathomable rightness. You keep your Center.

Moving from the Now to quiet the past, hold steady the dreams of the future, you have no fear of stepping into the storm.

This has been your work.

But now your heart knows something new is afoot.

Your light, colored by wisdom, draws us near. We are ready to be amazed once again!

To Celeste

A white flower floats on a dark pond.

All eyes are drawn to Stillness.

It is you moving with centered grace.

Behind me you reach out. The field of your touch warms and comforts.

But more, a whispered 'yes' encourages the step ahead.

To Kristine

Can we enter here once again?” we ask.

"Yes, all doors are open now. Our voices will carry us to Source.”

You move amongst us, encouraging us with gentle steps, the old Knowledge rising once again.

Do not stifle your heart’s intuition. A teacher stands ready to step into emergence!

What This Blog is All About

Who Am I?

For the last decade or so I have been "tuning in" and giving soul blessings to my dear friends on special occasions such as their birthdays, for healing, and as part of group ritual. I believe that this is part of my service on the planet, and now that I have turned 60, "giving blessings" should become even more part of my daily life.

I have thirty years experience in a number of esoteric traditions and practices, and have trained in one-on-one soul-centered energy healing at the Inner Focus School and the Possibilities DNA Healing Vocational Program. I have staffed Paul Ditscheit's and Cynthia Smith's Transformational Attunment classes. I am in training as a Ritual Elder in the Mankind Project, and an initiate in the Ruhaniat Sufi Order.

My companion blog:

I am the author of Digital Dharma, published by Quest Books in Sept 2007. This book looks at our electronic "infosphere" as a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness, and the different technologies created when our hunger for communications met the power of electricity, as projections of the energy body's "chakras" You can find out more about this model at my blog and my website.

I will use this blog to share the blessings (without last names) I have written, and will be creating in the future.

How you can receive a blessing, and my vision for a "blessing sharing" social network:

I will be happy to send a personal blessing to the first 50 people who request one. Only one per person per week. It may take a few days, depending on my outside work situation and the number of requests I receive that week.

Should this idea take off -- I will create a service [myblessingcircle.com] allowing "blessers" to share their gifts with others requesting blessings. The "basic" service will be free and peer-to-peer regulated. A subscription version would provide more frequent and more focused blessings, the option of phone calls in addition to email or text-messages, and a way to score the blessings you receive, providing feedback (and maybe even a small cash return) to those "blessers" with real psychic abilities.

To comment on the general idea, use the "comments box" below. Or see the vision statement on my website.

To request a blessing, or send a private note, email me at: blessingcircle -AT - att.net