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Poems as Friendship Cards


This is an idea that is not yet fully developed. I am still working with Bettina as to how this will look. Let me know if your are interested in these images or others.


Humming Bird, So Many Temples, Fall Into Your Thirst, and Gifts Fall from Your Pockets are all available as greeting cards with Bettina Madini's art on the cover. $10 each (with postage). These are great gifts for someone you love.

Humming Bird 

Earthbound, you long to soar. One look into the deep of your eyes tells us of the sweetness of your mission.

Not a hawk, but a hummingbird, caressing the pedals of our soul. Reminding us of the garden once again.

So many astral temples you've built! They pulse, crowed with angelic song.
Each design holds your imprint, waiting for manifestation.
This time we are ready. The children have been painting those walls, preparing them for the crowds to come.
Mirage-like, they dip into this world as we spin in devotion.
So Many Temples

Fall Into Your Thirst

You thirst and burn, sitting at the well, watching others drink.

But it is not the water that others seek, it is the heat of your heart that is attracting them.

Fall into your own thirst until it become all: the well, the people, the Earth itself in your every breath: in as water, out as fire.

Gifts Fall From Your Pockets

Look dear friend! The flowers brighten as you walk by.
And the stars smile even behind the winter clouds.

Hide your gifts no longer. They fall from your pockets at every turn.