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Monday, October 20, 2008

What This Blog is All About

Who Am I?

For the last decade or so I have been "tuning in" and giving soul blessings to my dear friends on special occasions such as their birthdays, for healing, and as part of group ritual. I believe that this is part of my service on the planet, and now that I have turned 60, "giving blessings" should become even more part of my daily life.

I have thirty years experience in a number of esoteric traditions and practices, and have trained in one-on-one soul-centered energy healing at the Inner Focus School and the Possibilities DNA Healing Vocational Program. I have staffed Paul Ditscheit's and Cynthia Smith's Transformational Attunment classes. I am in training as a Ritual Elder in the Mankind Project, and an initiate in the Ruhaniat Sufi Order.

My companion blog:

I am the author of Digital Dharma, published by Quest Books in Sept 2007. This book looks at our electronic "infosphere" as a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness, and the different technologies created when our hunger for communications met the power of electricity, as projections of the energy body's "chakras" You can find out more about this model at my blog and my website.

I will use this blog to share the blessings (without last names) I have written, and will be creating in the future.

How you can receive a blessing, and my vision for a "blessing sharing" social network:

I will be happy to send a personal blessing to the first 50 people who request one. Only one per person per week. It may take a few days, depending on my outside work situation and the number of requests I receive that week.

Should this idea take off -- I will create a service [myblessingcircle.com] allowing "blessers" to share their gifts with others requesting blessings. The "basic" service will be free and peer-to-peer regulated. A subscription version would provide more frequent and more focused blessings, the option of phone calls in addition to email or text-messages, and a way to score the blessings you receive, providing feedback (and maybe even a small cash return) to those "blessers" with real psychic abilities.

To comment on the general idea, use the "comments box" below. Or see the vision statement on my website.

To request a blessing, or send a private note, email me at: blessingcircle -AT - att.net

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