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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Need Your Opinion

Friends, I need your help in deciding whether to try again to launch my "anonymous blessing community" website. I will have to pay for hosting and for software upgrades, and can't decide if the idea is a good one or not. This site is different from the blessing poems I have written myself and posted here, as the idea is to allow anyone to ask for a blessing and anyone to create one in response -- with both the requester and the responder to be anonymous.

My vision is that thousands of people would start sharing heartfelt messages with each other on a one-to-one basis, but yet remain unknown to each other. This would prevent anyone from getting "hooked" on someone and keep the energy clean. Before a blessing was delivered to the indented recipient, it would have to be approved by at least 2 community members. Thus preventing spam, preaching or negative messages.

In order to work, the community would need at least 20 users willing to participate in creating blessings and screening what was sent. Hundreds could join solely to ask for a blessing or affirmation.

The question is -- does this meet any real need? There are many ways to ask for a blessing. Some people only want to deal face-to-face; others might go online, but find the anonymous quality a turn-off. Many folks might be happy creating a blessing poem (as I do on this site), but want to know who it is for. Or they are happy to post affirmations or general blessings to the world at large (e.g., via Twitter).

I am committed to creating my Sufi Blessings for anyone who asks. At some point I may request a small payment. The question is -- is the idea of a large web of blessings, not created by a preacher or teacher or master, but by individuals responding to another's request, a good idea? Please comment below.


Silbs said...

The idea certainly is unique and, IMJ, worth exploring more. As an aside, cannot you use blogspot and eliminate expenses during the trial period?

I suspect there is a need and place for such an undertaking and that we would not know for sure untill it is tried and effort is made to spread the word. If done with blogspot at no expense, there is little risk. Dick

Cristin said...

Steven, the work on your journey continues. Creating/facilitating a space for shared community blessing is good. My question is, who are you doing this for? When that is clear, I believe things will begin to fall into place.